waynepygram.com: 2017 VMAs semi-very-partially-live-and-very-mini blog and *SUPER* mini-review

waynepygram.com: 2017 VMAs semi-very-partially-live-and-very-mini blog and *SUPER* mini-review

No, nothing fancy here, not even a snarky one-liner quip here. I mean, we've been coming to the VMAs really for the performances all along, right? They were great, the ones I bothered to watch. Of course I love Fifth Harmony so of course I loved their performance. Loved Lorde's too. I didn't bother to see TayTay's (see next paragraph) which was apparently pretty controversial. And stuff.

Mostly though...Katy Perry's jokes were...pretty damn awful. There's no way getting around it. Who the fuck wrote this shit? And it's three hours long. Even if it were impossible for me to go to sleep without flooding my thoughts with TayTay (and just for the record, no, that's not true, I'm using an illustrative example here), I wouldn't be able to do bear all that just to see her performance especially when I can let social media show it to me no less than 12 hours later, if that. 

I'm patient enough to wait half a day for social media. I'm not patient enough to wait three hours through a live telecast.

Three. Fucking. Hours.


Awards MVP: Absolutely Jared Leto for his extremely touching tribute to Chester Bennington. In fact this is the sole reason why we're even bothering to have an MVP instead of just skipping it althogether, to give this at least part of the recognition it deserves.
Awards Grade: Meh?

Extra Thoughts:

 - don't get me wrong, I like TayTay it's just that...I did make a New Year's Resolution to make the blog less creepy, although if I was really interested in doing that I guess I would've used a different example.
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