waynepygram.com: Richie Rich's Christmas Wish TV Movie Mini-Reviewed

waynepygram.com: Richie Rich's Christmas Wish TV Movie Mini-Reviewed

What is it? A made for TV movie all the way back from 1998 using the Richie Rich property, allegedly a sequel to the theatrical 1994 movie. Beyond that I have no effin' idea.
Where did it air? Well I recorded it off Freeform like two days ago, as for where it originally aired, see second sentence above.
Who stars in it? Again, see second sentence of the "What is it?" section.
Why are we reviewing this? Again, refer to the most commonly referred to section.

You know, I gave up just four minutes in as soon as I saw the snowmobiles made to look like really old rich people cars. Why is it that people think the height of luxury is a car made to look like it's older than just about anybody still actually left alive? I get that it harkens back to cars that were popular with the ultra-rich during the Swingin' Twenties but still, get with the times man.

No wonder people stopped reading your comics, you stopped catering to people too young to collect on Social Security.

Movie Grade: Pretty much an F by default, if I can't even be friggin' bothered to finish it. Or even get beyond five minutes in.
Movie MVP: The hell if I know? I guess Donald J. Trump for proving that yes you can buy your way out of having to have taste to the point where idiots will still elect you frickin' President.

Extra Thoughts:

 - this is gonna be an embarrassing admission, but a double-feature of this movie and "Blank Check" were the very first movies I ever saw in an actual movie theater (I think I briefly mention Blank Check in another review buried...I dunno where the hell now).
Baca Juga
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