waynepygram.com: Sydney White Movie Mini-Reviewed

waynepygram.com: Sydney White Movie Mini-Reviewed

Hi, Ho!

What is it? Theatrical-released movie about a solid decade ago, back when these type of movies tended to be more popular (about the same vintage as Mean Girls, for example)
Where did it air? Well, like I said this was actually originally a theatrical-release movie, but in this case I recorded it off HBO all the way back in April. Yeah, my habitual tardiness should be infamous and well-known by now.
Who stars in it? Amanda Bynes who's best known for...well, being Amanda Bynes at this point, and Sara Paxton who's best known for being the replacement Marnie Cromwell in Return to Halloweentown and being the mermaid in the JoJo Levesque/Emma Roberts vehicle Aquamarine (incidentally, both of those were just the year before this one)
Why are we reviewing this? Eh why not

It was ok I suppose, even if maybe some of the sensibilities are a bit obsolete (but hey, it's still the Bush years amirite?) I don't know if it's better than Eurotrip but it's at least better than the Ashley Tisdale vehicle Picture Perfect (man, I feel sorry for Ashley).

Movie Grade: Eh, a C+?
Movie MVP: Danny Strong who plays Gurkin, the Grumpy analog, because I'm really feeling the grumpiness there.

Extra Thoughts:

 - it didn't even occur to me that this was basically Snow White in the Greek/College system until about halfway through the movie. Yeah.

 - I'm sorry but...the quoted section at the top of this review just *may* be my most favorite singular part of the movie (well, either that or when Sydney White goes completely Blue Screen of Death'd) and yeah it's even goes a bit far in why and how Danny Strong ended up getting MVP. I don't condone slut-shaming and I'm glad it's quickly becoming what TVTropes calls a Dead Horse Trope but...considering how the main antagonist isn't even singled out for sexual behavior at any point in the movie, really, I think that makes the context acceptable.

Plus, given the Snow White parody well...fuck, it just works for me. Maybe I'm just a stupid juvenile at heart, dammit.
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