waynepygram.com: The What I'm Thankful For Post (posted the day after Thanksgiving, because of course)

waynepygram.com: The What I'm Thankful For Post (posted the day after Thanksgiving, because of course)

Less serious and going back on-topic, so back to the red text we go! 

I could just make this a general "what I'm/we're thankful for" post but honestly those are kinda lame and cliche at this point - there's sooo many other sources for that where people are already saying what we're all thinking anyway, and besides I don't want to turn this into the same level utter shit-show disaster WH press secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders - yes as in her dad, professional bigot Mike Huckabee - turned a pre-Thanksgiving press conference into. So I'm going to keep this about being what we have to be thankful for with Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and other related things.

...which...isn't much.

I'm thankful for Andi Mack, even though I haven't seen Season 2 yet.

I'm thankful for Thundermans, even if Thunder in Paradise turned out to be a weird disappointment (more on that real soon).

I'm thankful that people will still put up weird fan-trailers for things only they care about.

I'm anti-thankful for Bunk'd, the fact that it got renewed, the fact that Peyton List won't even be in it anymore even though this show exists solely to be her starring vehicle, the unfunny and often flat-out racist and discriminatory jokes it relies on, the travesty it's made of the Suite Life/Jessie legacy (though the final seasons of both those shows did a pretty good job of that too), this weird hatred thing Pammy O'Connell apparently has for my hometown and the really disturbing Karan Brar stan that keeps sending me hate-Tweets when I'm pretty convinced the only reason why she watches the show is because she has an unhealthy infatuation for him, and wants to do things to him that would make him file a restraining order immediately. But at least with three seasons it means the Jessie legacy is going to last over twice as long as GMW, and Bunk'd by itself is going to last as long as GMW so...I'm thankful for that, I guess?

I'm also thankful that Girl Meets World ended earlier this year so we don't have to deal with bullshit like this anymore. Not as thankful for that as I am? Deal with it.

I'm thankful we at least got Liv and Maddie, in any form. I actually liked Cali style. Again, if you didn't (and I understand there are plenty of people who didn't), deal with it.

And I'm thankful that Nickelodeon really picked up the ball this year, at least in terms of imports (or at least spiritual imports/remakes of, I guess we can say). Disney Channel had quite a boatload of them last year - the first season (or series, I suppose) of Mako Mermaids (or Mako: Island of Secrets I suppose) along with Backstage and The Lodge and this year...none. Well, it's a bit more complicated than "they're not gonna return," but Nickelodeon's got Ride, Hunter Street and I Am Frankie to help pick up the slack from their...rather lackluster native offerings. And I'm thankful that I Am Frankie and Hunter Street are coming back (even if I did end up stating Hunter Street was a bit mediocre) although I haven't heard anything of Ride. And I guess Backstage and The Lodge is coming back, at least in a way but...more on that in a separate post.

And since I previously linked to them...I'm even a little thankful for Jezebel because even though being a part of Gawker/Gizmodo media they love clickbait, and have had a history of engaging in shaming and other poisonous behaviors in the pursuit of social justice well...I still learned a lot about social justice from them.

I'm also *real* thankful for getting the flu on Thanksgiving ¬_¬
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