waynepygram.com: Where I've been and how things stand right now part...I lost count and I don't really care to count anyway

waynepygram.com: Where I've been and how things stand right now part...I lost count and I don't really care to count anyway

No, no need to get all alarmed and everything just explaining why there hasn't been much updates (and why there won't be for maybe a little while):

 - right now I'm sick which means the fact that I'm even writing this is a minor miracle. No, not majorly sick just "I have a cold" sick.

 - Also just right now I've been busy. I've...just been trying to clear out my DVR. Yes clearing out my DVR is more important than this blog, which probably goes a long way towards explaining my grand total readership of like the five of you.

 - ...actually, well...I can somewhat justify clearing out my DVR as being in the area of business related towards my blog as I've been binge-watching every episode of the first season of I Am Frankie, Backstage (yes that show that aired its S1 finale just over a year ago so sue me) and now I'm working on Mako Mermaids (yes that show that last aired on Disney Channel nearly two years ago) and Ride (yes that show that was on at the beginning of the year) and The Lodge (yes the one that has Dove Cameron on it now). Also a few DCOMs lingering left over from the 100th DCOM celebration (yes the one that was also nearly a year and a half ago that coincided with Adventures in Babysitting, P.S. there's been kind of a reason why those have been just lingering on my DVR).Oh, and Thundermans: Thunder in Paradise. Yes I'm pretty much just a hoarder when it comes to DVR recordings. And, um, kind of everything else if you knew me in real life.

 - Also, I've been looking for a new job, or more specifically, just, uh, I guess you can say "reposition" my current work. As you may know I work in the publishing industry but I've been spending the last few months looking for a specific change, so that I can basically do exactly what I'm doing now - offering editing, agency and consulting services - but instead working for organizations and advocacy groups for survivors of violence and abuse who wish to tell their stories. 

 - On that note and in regards to why I want to work with survivors in this capacity...uhhh...I've consulted with some of my most active readers on this blog (and since there's a readership of only like five to begin with...yeah you probably know exactly who you are) because given recent topics in current events I feel it's important to address the institutionalization of sexism, sex assault and rape in entertainment since you damn well bet that's a relevant topic for this blog, with a number of child stars including Debby Ryan having come forward about being targeted by sexual assault at some point in their careers. But in order to address that I need to address certain...problems with how child stars that for example typically headline Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows are treated in entertainment media (if you know the latest controversy surrounding how some entertainment news media have treated and referred to Millie Bobby Brown...yeah, exactly like that) and...well, it's kind of hard to do that when the biggest offender I know, whether personally or on social media...is myself.

You can probably go through any given review or post and you'll have no trouble finding references and remarks to the physical appearance of actresses, many of whom are 18 or at least barely over. Hell, I've awarded MVP awards to actresses for things reviewed just because they happen to be the prettiest, often for episodes or movies they don't even actually appear in. Yes, it's a problem, and it's my problem, or specifically I'm helping to perpetuate the problem. Yes I'm aware of it, I even made it my new year's resolution to stop, and given that it's already nearly Thanksgiving well obviously I performed the classic American tradition of not keeping to it. I'm hoping that maybe having a wider conversation about it, or well a blog post at least, will help.

But I also have to fess up to other things. I was going to mention this in a more specific, dedicated post and I'll be repeating all this fresh in such a post but...I really need to come out too. The issue of institutionalized sexual assault is a particular issue that's close to me for a number of reasons that you may already know if you're a regular follower of this blog (so like, exactly no one but still) but also for reasons that I haven't really talked about for years and years. I've had people very, very close to me be victimized by assault and rape (and by that I very specifically mean my fiancee)...and I've committed actions that by today's standards can be construed as sexual assault...and I myself have been victimized by sexual assault and attempted rape.

But like I said, I'll talk about all that in a dedicated post, I just want to briefly touch on my own actions - I never physically assaulted someone (not that I remember anyway, as cheesy a defense as that is - but keep in mind this was years ago and I actually have a proven medical condition towards forgetfulness) but I've definitely made women feel uncomfortable in a way that can be construed as harassment in a way that, at the time, I didn't understand (this was years ago when I was young, a tween and even teen). I don't want to sound like I'm defending people who commit assault, but a big part of it is that there's definitely a lack of education about it when I was growing up. I certainly hope that's changed, but a lack of education is what I really do believe lead to the institutionalization of sexual assault. 

How I came around to learning and understanding about what it means to survive sexual assault, I had to do it the hard way. And no I'm not even talking about when I myself survived physical contact sexual assault and attempted rape, that's a piece of cake compared to how I actually had to learn - when I met the most wonderful woman I've ever met and I had to learn from her the horror stories of what happens to a person who survived extremely horrific rape, the details of which literally made me break down into tears when I shared them with professionals I trust (which, sorry but doesn't include any of you guys). The relevant details I can share I've already done so in a previous post over a year ago anyway, you can go find it yourself for the time being.

But like I said, I'll cover all this in a dedicated post.

 - Also, some of my friends and co-workers seem to think my calling in life is to be a book reviewers. So I'm like, ok, I'll see about reviewing books then. Not as just another hobby blog either but for one of the big review sites in a paid position, so I'll have a go at that. BTW did I mention I have a dedicated book review blog now? And by "now" I mean about a year or so before I even created this one, even though it's completely empty because of course it is.

 - Also, same said friends and co-workers seem to think it's my calling in life to be a YA author so, yeah I can try that too. I figure I can start out by adapting my Liv and Maddie script into a fanfic (yes I wrote one of those). 

 - Also we have a Tumblr now (well, I have a Tumblr, Mike's kinda on his on on that, sorry). Don't worry we're not fully migrating over there anytime..ever. In fact I'm just going to repost things there for more follows/readership and readership interaction, all content will be first and foremost posted here on this Blogspot. More than anything I'm just having a Tumblr to interact with one of my most favorite Tumblr blogs, Analyzing Taylor (yes I'm also a Tay-Tay head, I'm sure this surprises exactly no one).
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