Waynepygram.Com: (325) Christopher, You Lot Must! + Links

Waynepygram.Com: (325) Christopher, You Lot Must! + Links

  • Oh yeah. I REALLY liked that Mission Impossible 6 promo. Henry Cavill direct upward stole that trailer from Cruise. That said, I was watching that trailer on my shout out when it dropped at similar 2 AM together with I laughed out loud at the ending of it. How certain are nosotros Tom Cruise didn't buy the farm during 1 of those crazy donkey stunts together with the wackos didn't convey him back, Chef inwards South Park style?

  • That trailer is hence dope. The editing is amazing together with I've been listening to that Imagine Dragons' vocal the whole week. With the exception of that awful Murder on the Orient Express promo their music is ever hence good used inwards trailers.
  • Also I finally caught upward alongside Graham Norton's episode with Cruise, Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg. That ankle injury story is insane. Also at that spot is hence much gilded cheers to Simon Pegg being there. But Cruise seems similar such a overnice together with polite person. 
  • What an abide by for Cavill to live featured inwards one of my perv conversations
  • Lovely new trailer for Westworld. But alone 1 shot of Ed Harris?! That's outrageous. I'm hence happy the present is coming dorsum inwards April, it's gonna live a yr together with the one-half since it premiered, it's horrific how fast the fourth dimension flies!
  • Now, nosotros all know my heed is pretty much gone, but that Solo SuperBowl tease was fun! The actual trailer was a combat worse but it withal looks much improve than I expected. Why did they give Emilia Clarke bangs, though? In this shot she looks hence pretty alongside her normal hairstyle:
  • I conduct maintain no thought how they got Harrison to create this
  • As for Infinity War tell me when Justin Hammer shows up, together with hence I'll get-go caring.
  • This is Marvel flat photo. Have I gone blind or did they truly non characteristic Sam?! Are yous fucking kidding me? WHERE IS SAM YOU BASTARDS?! 
  • Taika together with Jeff, though.
  • We are seriously lucky J.J. Abrams didn't single-handedly invent the Matrix yet together with enslaved us because that dude is legit brilliant.
  • What create yous create when yous conduct maintain (apparently, since I haven't seen it yet) a shitty pic that luckily happens to live connected to somewhat pop mystery serial (and I'm non 100% certain they didn't only accept a shitty pic together with connected it to this serial inwards the lastly minute)? You sell that shit to Netflix, which together with hence drops the trailer during Super Bowl together with inwards unprecedented motion drops the actual pic few hours later.

  • That was ingenious because 1. at that spot was no fourth dimension for critics to bitch inwards their "reviews" 2. at that spot was no fourth dimension for anyone to bitch on twitter because it dropped at the same fourth dimension for everyone 3. fifty-fifty if someone viewed it at after fourth dimension they were withal inwards the nighttime because due to fearfulness of spoilers they avoided tweets together with reviews.
  • Still, it was non hence amazing that it warrants tweet like that. That adult woman is hence annoying. When her side yesteryear side pic inevitably flops due to looking similar uninteresting mess she volition no doubtfulness shout out racism together with misogyny.
  • New trailer for Deadpool 2. That dig at DCEU was beyond brilliant!
  • First poster for Venom + trailer. Sony should conduct maintain only released the poster for now. It's hapless they didn't fifty-fifty tease the creature. They are hence lucky they conduct maintain Hardy inwards this because he is legitimately the alone interesting thing there. Also no shirtless shot?! It's a tradition together with peachy marketing technique to characteristic at to the lowest degree 1 shirtless shot of hot guy inwards CBM trailer. This is an outrage.
  • I haven't been inwards London inwards 12 years. Time to see again
  • Here's horrific slice most what happened to Uma Thurman. So Tarantino - 1. talked her into a stunt that ended upward costing her her wellness 2. likes to live the 1 who chokes together with spits on actresses when a scene requires that. 
  • I cannot believe how many people are defending him. This is the guy yous are defending.
  • And together with hence at that spot is the shock that he is getting confused alongside 'sexual predators'. He endangered woman's life - fact. He caused her to lose her wellness - fact. He was actively trying to quiet her - fact. And 1 tin assume that on travel yesteryear of all of this he did know most Weinstein together with did nothing. And these "people" become 'oh good at to the lowest degree he didn't rape anyone'. The larger betoken is that women alive inwards the basis where they are continuously abused. It doesn't affair what is beingness abused - their dignity, their health, their safety. Tarantino wouldn't dare to push clit this shit alongside virile individual actor. He didn't apologize to Uma but he did to her husband.  That adult woman is gonna conduct maintain problems alongside her wellness for the remainder of her life together with "people" state at to the lowest degree she wasn't raped? This is all sick.
  • What is he gonna create now? Put out a disputation proverb "I select straightaway non to alive every bit a stunt coordinator"?
  • Ah, no. He had my awards lastly minute. I likewise watched 1 hr of Darkest Hour because I couldn't sentry anymore. Oldman deserves that Oscar for managing to rest awake together with cinema his scenes. 

  • Paddington was super cute! I promised m.brown that I volition sentry it together with since I ever travel on my discussion I did. 
  • I also saw Jason Momoa's latest Braven. That was surprisingly good made for what I assumed would live to a greater extent than or less other Jason kicks hence much ass movie. 
  • Before nosotros larn onto my favorite dependent plain my novel clothes arrived together with it is hence pretty. BUT when I sit down downwards inwards it the fourth dimension stops together with suspense fills the air together with I wonder if it volition truly tear apart on my ass. So I'm cleansing fifty-fifty harder now. There's hence much kale inwards my fridge. Also the travel has been insane this week.  I kept bringing it abode together with travel till 10 PM. Ugh, the worst.
  • We haven't checked inwards alongside Mr. Schlong inwards a piece on describe of piece of job concern human relationship of my rooster fever but nosotros conduct maintain to a greater extent than or less actual tidings this calendar week every bit on Mon Oscar Dell includes 1 of my favorites, Thirst inwards his romance picks for Valentines
  • Brittani and Katy chooses the best together with worst of 2017
  • Alex breaks downwards Roger Deakins' xiv Oscar nominations
  • Sonia reviews The Shape of Water
  • And he did.

  • Also I wanna betoken out that his review index is awesome. He truly updates it all the time. He fifty-fifty writes which reviews are coming soon. I dear his writing together with cannot hold back for his novel reviews hence I'm ever thrilled to banking concern jibe that usage of his site fifty-fifty if what's coming is motherfucking Jigsaw.
  • Good God, man.
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