waynepygram.com: Thundermans Mini-Reviewed: Significant Brother (S4E22)

waynepygram.com: Thundermans Mini-Reviewed: Significant Brother (S4E22)

AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH! - some poor stuntgirl trying to chase Phoebe for reasons and then runs into a wall because she's paid to have no lines and do dumb stunts

What is it? agh if you don't know but now, uggghhhhh....

Yeah. This episode was dumb. I know these dumb kidcoms are supposed to have dumb parents who make horrific parenting decisions and draw hard lines on complex subjects, or often (as is strictly this case) subjects that are just kinda dumb, but still. If you're not going to rise above dumb kidcom expectations, you're gonna get labeled a dumb kidcom. Branded with a specific, low-brow insult that will earn you the contempt of all them hipster review sites like A.V. Club and IGN and only a passing mention specifically because that's all the furthest they want to get out of their own ways to let their audiences know that your kidcom is indeed, dumb.

Deal with it.

Episode Grade: C-.
Episode MVP: The stuntgirl who ran into a counter and a wall to make Mary Sue Phoebe look good. If you disagree on this, fight me for it.

Extra Thoughts:

 - Yeah expect more mini-reviews for even our "mainline" material from this point on, especially as the veteran series wind down into production oblivious and, quite frankly, the networks follow suit. Really, it's not so much a matter of why should I devote so much time to telling you (all five of you) why I'm tired of these shows, but rather how can I possibly revamp and reskin the same material over and over again to tell you what I've been saying for a while, and what you already know?

Really, I guess I could make an effort at this repetitive paint-by-numbers drudgery if I really wanted to. It's basically identical the writing process for this episode, after all.

 - The previous two episodes were "Revenge of the Smith" and "Nowhere to Slide;" the latter was just in that sweetspot of blah to not really be worth a review, and the former...the previews looked incredibly stupid so I just made a point to not even bother watching. Based on this episode, I think I made the right call.
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