waynepygram.com: Westworld S1 Reviewed

waynepygram.com: Westworld S1 Reviewed

What a TWEEST!

What is it? Hour-long action drama/neverending stream of plot twists strung together
Where did it air? HBO
Who stars in it? One of my most favorite actors of all time, Jeffrey Wright along with Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood (yeah it took me a while before the "Evan" and "Rachel" stopped throwing me off), plus that one actress that was on ER? And that guy I'm sure he's been in things too.
Why are we reviewing this? Eh, it was a bit of a time coming all the way back when S1 finished but I never got around to it until now. I wanted to write this yesterday but...I ended up with an intense migraine somehow and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I also understand Mike really likes this show.

...and don't get me wrong I liked it too it's just that...well, I can understand why they effectively doubled the entire production's budget remaking the entire production (which, yeah, that'll do it) and when they did, they erred way, way too much the other direction.

It started out a pretty intriguing show about humanity, philosophy and what it means to be a person and it ended...predictably. And that's absolutely in spite of it having damn near literally a plot twist every. 10. Damn. Minutes. Every. Single. Episode. (I'm not even kidding I even timed it).

Or maybe to put it another way at a certain point it quit being an HBO show and just started being a Showtime show.

When it started dropping all those stupid plot twists on us, it also dropped any real, actual, legitimate intrigue and character development. In fact character development pretty much went out the window because why worry about character development when it's going to be revealed that character is completely different from what they were building up to 10 minutes later anyway, and then go back on that again 10 minutes after that? Oh, and an arbitrary heavy body count (and severed limb count) because that's always effective window dressing for shortcomings in actual storytelling, narrative and just overall entertainment quality (hey it seems to really work well for John Wick...somehow).

But yeah...by the S1 finale I just...lost all interest, and I don't think I'm even going to bother to watch the S2 premiere I have on my DVR. Or any S2 episode at all. I'm sure Mike will fill me in on what's happening anyway.

Season Grade: C-. It was starting out with an A and ended with...me deciding that in that hour I can watch recorded reruns of Liv and Maddie instead.
Season MVP: Jeffrey Wright in what may end up just being an award out of pure bias anyway but whatever. That man can do no wrong.

Extra Thoughts:

 - John Wick is the most overrated movie franchise in the history of ever, maybe even physically possible. While I'm at it Mass Effect is the most overrated gaming franchise in the history of ever, maybe even possible, and the first game was complete utter garbage. If you disagree with this you can get out and find a blog that does agree with you.

 - Right now my priority is working on my own overrated movie franchise script (I'll fill in the deets later) and particularly for this blog fixing Mike's Sam & Cat post and figuring out if there's anyway I can restore it. Another quick update: I've decided to abandon my Liv & Maddie fan script because it turns out that...well...it's hard to write. Mad props to the LaM writing staff for actually doing this on a weekly basis.

I mentioned liking Westworld? I've actually never watched this show before. Maybe someone's trying to spread false, nasty rumors about me to destroy my reputation. Then again, saying I like a certain TV show is probably the least offensive rumor I can think of.

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