waynepygram.com: Opinions on the state of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon right now/current shows, ranked

waynepygram.com: Opinions on the state of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon right now/current shows, ranked

Disney Channel:

Actually watchable tier: ...umm, well, they did say Bizaardvark's coming back eventually, I guess? What other shows are even out there on Disney Channel now?

Oh, and Stuck in the Middle. Whew, I almost forgot that was on!

Grossly Overrated Tier: Andi Mack. Yes really. I'll get more into this soon, but I'm ready to give up on the show and erase it from my DVR. Season 1 was really good - so good in fact that they've apparently decided all they need to do is phone it in for Season 2 and and coast on the Diversity Card*.

Fundamentally the show is still good...I guess? Actually, not really. It's not really all that entertaining anymore. I'll get into that in a very near future review (I'm writing it now more or less).

If anybody wants to disagree with me on Andi Mack, come the fuck at me bro.

On The Fence Tier: Big City Greens. It has its moments but it feels a bit of a one-joke wonder, especially since this is the same network that ran Gravity Falls and the network that's currently running DuckTales 2017. I don't hesitate to say that we expect better from you now, Disney. I also don't know if this show *should* be on CN, per se (I have to imagine it was pitched to them at one point) because saying a show should be on this-or-that network is a bit of a loaded term, or if it would "do better" on CN, both ratings or quality-wise.

Also, Big Hero 6. I kind of expected this anyway because of Tangled, and because just the history of movie-to-cartoon adaptations rarely work (it doesn't help that they tend to be lazy to begin with because the whole concept is born from cynicism). Anyway, I'll review this show soon, I promise (maybe).

Still pretty big stinkin' garbage tier: Bunk'd. I've seen bits of episodes here and there and it seems a little better (they got rid of the two biggest problems - Gladys and Hazel) but it seems way too little, way too late, and still just garbage.
Actually Worse Than Bunk'd Tier: Raven's Home.

I've seen one episode of Season 2 and...oh man alive. Is it Gawd Awful. I mean it. It needs its own review to justify wtf is happening but...ugh. Maybe more magnified because it's core is built around some of my most favorite Disney Channel live-action characters and actors of all time, and legitimately one of the best shows the network's ever had.

But this is a billion times worse than Cory in the House, people. I mean it.

I haven't seen it yet tier: ...is Rapunzel still airing new episodes? It's got a title change and all. That whole thing is kind of a mess too.

Again, I'll explain later.


I haven't gotten around to seeing it yet tier: Star Falls, Knight Squad. I'm just way behind on stuff and letting it collect on my DVR.

...in fact I think that's pretty much the whole damn network now aside from SpongeBob. Wow Nickelodeon is in dire straights without PAW Patrol.

* - oh yeah, and what do I mean by this and most certainly the most controversial part of this whole write-up. I have absolutely nothing against diversity in television, especially kids' television where I think it should be as mandatory as they're trying to include with it. And I very much am saying this as a PoC myself. In fact I really like the diversity on Andi Mack, at least on the face of it. It's actually one of the very, very few shows on TV period across all platforms where I actually feel represented (racially at least). 

I also like Cyrus in particular as a character, for LGBTQ+ representation and just as a character in general. Cyrus and the...guy who plays him, what's his face...are one of the absolute top-tier gems in this show.

But the plotlines are just getting fucking lazy and it feels like the show as it stands now really feels like they don't need to do anything other than just coast on the cast, the basic plot outlines of each episode (and the show in general) and the high praise it got on Season 1. I'm not kidding, it really feels like the episodes are just becoming more and more the cast just stands around and we're expected to like it, because we liked it before when the characters actually did stuff. But like I said, I'll get into that more in an in-depth review.
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