waynepygram.com: So I wrote a book

waynepygram.com: So I wrote a book

It's a fictionalized, YA-version of some of the experiences I've talked about on this blog and indeed the circumstances that lead to this blog's creation in the first place - my cancer, my breakup, etc. I've actually been writing it for 'round half a decade so I've been working on it well before I started this blog, or for that matter when Christian and Sean's blog went public.

The first draft is done, and I'm about a third to halfway done with the first round of editing before I send it off to beta readers.

I'm not really sure what else to say about it now, but I really am super-happy about it and having finished it and stuff and I thought it would be nice to announce it here.

So, um, thank you I guess?
Baca Juga
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