waynepygram.com: To Paraphrase Jim Sterling, Andi Mack has an Andi Mack problem

waynepygram.com: To Paraphrase Jim Sterling, Andi Mack has an Andi Mack problem

I mean, I know most of you (which at this point...is just Spongey and Mike and...yeah that's pretty much it) think Andi Mack is the best show on the network right now.

I'm not debating that.

What I'm trying to say is that, that's a severe indicator of the sad state of Disney Channel right now.

Because Andi Mack...isn't good anymore.

To echo the title of this post...Andi Mach has an Andi Mack problem.

If you don't know what that means: you know, I thought the crash-and-burn Jessie experienced into S3 and especially S4 was pretty bad. I think in previous posts I called it the greatest crash-and-burn in network history at least as far as a series is concerned, even if it managed to coast not only to the network-topping number of seasons (4), but indeed nearly a network-topping raw number of episodes for a live-action series at 101, just 5 shy of the total record held by Wizards of Waverly Place at a 106 episode count.

I thought Teen Beach Movie's crash and burn into Teen Beach 2 was pretty hard, too, and perhaps the greatest crash-and-burn at this point overall. It went from the 5th highest-rated DCOM in network history to...well, pretty much killing off the franchise into a nearly unwatchable mess. It's literally a textbook case of how to kill a franchise before it can even reach franchise status - or really, on what not to do. Along with how to spot any of the warning signs for any staff writers who, really, just deserve to be fired.

But...let's get real here.

Andi Mack is now the greatest crash-and-burn in network history.

Too bad I'm the only one on this entire planet who really recognizes it.

Now, I mean...coming out with such a bold statement is obviously going to be very controversial. I only need to point out to fan reaction to the new Disney Star Wars movies: you have a whole bunch of people who say they're brilliant, a whole bunch of people who say they're not good, and...here's the thing. You have a whole bunch of people who just don't like them for very bigoted reasons.

I really hate the fact that even something as simple as critical quality debate has even come down to this, where it's been so politicized that saying that a work of fiction is "good" or "bad" effectively means you have to draw political lines if not fundamental ideology lines, but this is why I'm so freakin' desperate to renounce my American citizenship and move to Canada forever.

But as for Star Wars...I don't even know why "side" I...well, "side" with except that there's no way in hell I'm going to side with the bigots, obviously. But...it's not just the bigots, but the extreme reactions from the other side that have...just turned me off from Star Wars entirely, to the point where I don't even want to watch the movies regardless. It feels like the only safe way to avoid the whole debate period.

Not that LucasFilm didn't supply a heaping helping of reasons to not care about Star Wars to begin with even before Disney took over.

But anyway...I mean, I feel like I'm going on a similar limb by calling Andi Mack "bad." It's a very diverse cast, with no less than two PoC mains and another main being gay and Jewish. I'm only pointing this out because I very specifically love the diversity, speaking as not only a PoC but an Asian myself. A lot of Andi Mack's experiences as an Asian PoC has really spoken to me, especially the whole dinner thing. That was something I really, really connected with. And even though I identify as cis-hetero, I feel I really, really connected with Cyrus - to the point where "Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah" was reviewed as not only being the best episode of the series so far, but I strongly feel it just barely missed out on achieving a literal perfect score, something exactly only one thing reviewed on this blog has gotten so far.

But...Andi Mack Season 1 was about a young girl finding herself, and her friends finding themselves too, and really seeing a family build itself after a long-lost member decided she needed to bring herself back into the fold.

Season 2...look I'm gonna level with ya'll: I don't know what the fuck Season 2 is even trying to do.

But it certainly feels more and more like a certain other show where I also went against the grain in deciding I didn't like it (well, not entirely against the grain). 

Maybe it's best if I just go down what I specifically hate:

I hate the Brody/What's Her Face/What's Her Face The Little Girl Subplot

I hate the plotlines that feel like they go nowhere

I hate the interruption of ongoing plotlines in order to introduce new ones as if the writers have freakin' ADD or something

I hate how hard this series tries to have its cake and eat it too, like the big turns-out-to-be-false drama of Buffy leaving but - surprise! - she came back in like the second-to-next-friggin' episode.

I hate just how freakin' boring  this show is now.

...and so, I deleted it off the recording schedule of my DVR.

Yes, that's right. I'm not even going to bother to watch it anymore.

The PoC identity that I attached to so strongly on this show now...feels like it's gone. All the other stuff I loved from S1...feels like it's gone. In its place it feels like...well, it really feels like the freakin' Girl Meets World writers took over.

Fuck that shit.

Season 2 Grade: C-, and Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah really is bouying that up strongly. Really, in my heart, I want to give it an F-freakin-minus-minus just to show off how freakin' pissed off I am.
Season 2 MVP: I want to just make a big declaration of making everyone eat my shorts, but I have to give it to Cyrus for the aforementioned episode.
Season 2 LVP: The fucking goddamn S2 writers, who as far as I can tell are exactly the same from S1. What. The. Fuck?

Extra Thoughts:

 - I know a whole bunch of people are going to come into the comments and defend the show.

Right now, I'm too drunk to care. It is what it is, and if you still like it, that's cool. But for my ability to enjoy the show (this is, after all, my blog...well, and Mike's too)...I'm being completely serious.

I'd rather be watching Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.
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