Film Romance Oktober 2018 : Charade

Film Romance Oktober 2018 : Charade

Film USA - Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant star in this 1963 romantic thriller set in Paris. Regina Lampert (Hepburn) is about to divorce her husband when he is murdered. But not before he converted everything they owned into cash, which has now gone missing. Regina is pursued by people who are in search of that money. Who can she trust?

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Film Romance Oktober 2018 : Charade
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For me Audrey Hepburn is the ideal of woman's beauty - so elegant. It's a petty that modern woman are mostly artificial and look the same (in particular, they look like Instagram girls) >>fyodordrozdov

An amazing classic. One of my favorites. I really recommend, this film has a bit of everything. I might be biased because I love every Audrey's film, but anyway, it's amazing >> mariafernanda_pompeo_868

Estupenda, un clásico. Totalmente recomendable y sencilla de ver. >> antoniamartinezgomez_708

Love Audrey. Amazing old movie for late nigths >>safiiiian_343

Cary Grant may look a bit old for Audrey Hepburn but when the film ended, one can't help but think they are perfect for each other. Cary Grant has a fascinating role, full of surprises as the plot twists and turns. Great movie! >> footiam_802

Funny and surprising! Great plot and nice twist >>venus007

One of my favorite movies, though I like all Audrey Hepburn's movies. This is a classic! She was so beautiful and elegant. >> sunnyellow

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