Waynepygram.Com: Visual Parallels: Solaris + Annihilation

Waynepygram.Com: Visual Parallels: Solaris + Annihilation

What led me to making this post service were practically identical endings to both Annihilation, ane of this year's finest movies too Steven Soderbergh's underappreciated Solaris. Both films halt alongside the mysterious forces that's beingness investigated past times the protagonists taking a concord of them simply curiously through that granting them happiness alongside Chris embracing his married adult woman too Lena, straightaway alongside the alien forcefulness within her, embracing the clone of her husband.

Both films bargain alongside protagonists who convey hard dearest life - Chris's married adult woman Rheya is suicidal, Lena has cheated on her married adult man Kane. This haunts them every bit they explore the foreign novel surround that somehow uses that information to teach to them - alongside Solaris recreating Rheya too mysterious forcefulness duplicating Kane. Both protagonists are surrounded past times people who ane past times ane perish, leaving them lonely inwards the end.

Curiously, the most memorable affair near both films is the hypnotic, atmospheric soundtrack.

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