waynepygram.com: On why I haven't been posting lately

waynepygram.com: On why I haven't been posting lately

...so I'm looking at the time and, umm...this is bad timing because I gotta get up early in the morning.

Expect a longer post in here but long story short...my life's a mess.

I'm not kidding. This is the lowest point I've been at in over four years. And I'm the guy who makes posts about being into Disney Channel in the first place because my fiancee dumped me when I found out I had cancer.

But yeah. So there's that.

Extra Thoughts

 - There's a lot to cover here. The two-episode story arc of Andi Mack about the gun thing could probably get a week's worth of stuff alone because I'm basically doing that in real life (the thing about stopping guns in schools, not bringing them in, don't get the wrong impression and like I dunno call the cops on me or something plz k thx). Also a thing called Life Sized 2 happened, and yes I have it on my DVR so we're going to cover that.

Also in case you haven't noticed...both Disney Channel and Nickelodeon are in really, truly exceptionally shitty states right now. Yeah we'll cover that too.

Oh yeah and the G.I. Jessie thing don't worry I'll get to that.

Oh yeah and despite feeling so shitty lately I'm making the move to YouTube. I've already got a few videos recorded even! So yeah you'll get to experience what I actually look like and my extremely nasaly voice that makes me sound like male Lois Griffin.
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